Polityka prywatności


1. The data controller is each of the companies from the Viamedica Group: Via Medica Spółka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnością, Via Medica Spółka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnością Spółka komandytowa, VM Media Spółką z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, VM Media Spółką z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością VM Group Spółka komandytowa, VM Media Spółką z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Spółka komandytowa, Vm Media Spółką z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością - Vm Care Spółka Komandytowa – all based in Gdańsk (80-180 Gdańsk), ul. Świętokrzyska 73.
2. When implementing the Privacy Policy, the Data Controller takes particular care to protect the interests and data of Users, in particular to ensure that such data are:
a) Processed in accordance with applicable law;
b) Collected for specified, legitimate purposes and not processed in a way incompatible with those purposes;
c) Correct and adequate for the purposes for which they are processed;
d) Stored in a form permitting the identification of data subjects, not longer than necessary to achieve the purpose of processing.
3. When implementing the Privacy Policy, the Data Controller strives to systematically modernize IT, technical and organizational means of data protection in order to protect personal data against unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized use, processing in violation of the provisions on personal data protection, unauthorized change, loss, damage or destruction.
4. The Data Controller pays particular attention to the protection of Users' privacy. The Data Controller carefully selects and uses appropriate technical and organizational means to ensure the protection of data, including software-based protection measures, among others data encryption systems. In particular, the Data Controller protects data against unauthorized access, as well as against processing in violation of applicable laws. The Data Controller exercises permanent control over the processing of data and limits access to data to the greatest extent possible, granting appropriate authorizations only when they are necessary for the proper operation of the website.
5. The basis for the processing of personal data is the consent of Users as well as statutory authorization to process data necessary to conclude an agreement for the provision of services with the Data Controller and the implementation and settlements of services provided by the Data Controller as part of the websites.
6. Data provided by the User during Registration are used for the purposes indicated in the consent for the processing of personal data granted by the User. With the User's consent, contact data are also used to send information about the Data Controller and its services to the User by the Data Controller. The User may opt out of receiving such information by sending an email with a request to the address ochrona_danych@viamedica.pl.
7. In addition, occasionally, by way of surveys (with the consent of the User) sent via e-mail or made available directly on the Website, the Data Controller collects demographic and profile data of Users (such as e.g. education, age, earnings). Such data are used to study Users' preference and adapt the Data Controller's offer to their expectations, as well as for the purpose of statistical analyses and creating a collective image of the User transferred to marketing partners of the Data Controller. Disclosure of such data and consent to their processing are always voluntary, and the User may at any time opt out of receiving the above-mentioned surveys.
8. Users' data can be made available to entities authorized to receive them under applicable law, including the competent judicial authorities, as well as on the basis of the User's consent and for the purposes for which data are processed.
9. In the event the Data Controller finds out that the User uses the services of the Bookstore in a manner inconsistent with the terms and conditions or applicable regulations, the Data Controller reserves the right to process the User's personal data to the extent necessary to determine his/her liability, provided that the Data Controller records the fact of obtaining such messages and their contents for evidence purposes.
10. The Data Controller ensures the implementation of Users' rights resulting from the Act on personal data protection and other relevant provisions, including the right of access to the content of their personal data and the right to rectify them and control the processing on the basis of generally applicable law, by requesting to supplement, update or correct personal data, temporarily or permanently suspend their processing or remove them, if they are incomplete, outdated, untrue or have been collected in violation of applicable law, or are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they have been collected.
11. The Data Controller informs that during a visit to the websites automatic data, such as IP addresses, browser type, etc., are collected. The above-mentioned data collected during Internet connections are used for technical purposes related to the administration and management of servers. In addition, IP addresses are used to collect general and statistical demographic information (e.g. about the region from which the connection is established). Such data can be combined with other data provided by Users to provide the services included in the websites.
12. The Data Controller uses cookies. Information collected with cookies allow to adjust services and content to individual needs and preferences of the User, as well as to develop general statistics concerning the use of the websites by Users. Turning off the option to store cookies in the browser generally does not prevent the use of websites, however, it may cause some difficulties. Detailed provisions relating to cookies are set out in the Cookies Policy.