Mission and experience

Misja Via Medica

A mission of Via Medica is to create platforms that enable the exchange of academic knowledge between scientists, academic practitioners, doctors, and students.

The result of these endeavours is a ceaseless delivery of the latest knowledge to the medical society, and also the improvement of healthcare thanks to leveraging and publishing the information of educational and scientific nature.

Now more than ever, we need to recognize the significant contribution that college health centers across the state provide for the academic, personal and future success of their students. With the significant budget cuts the state educational system is facing, we need to demonstrate the importance of student support services in the overall mission of the 108 community colleges in the state of California. At a recent Board of Governors meeting in Sacramento, Santa Barbara City College Student Health Services and Wellness Program was one of six community colleges recognized with the State Exemplary Program Award. This was a significant acknowledgement that the health of our students and the services provided by all California Community Colleges plays a significant role in student success. Student health centers across the state are in jeopardy as budget cuts and elimination of student fees are being discussed. The following program description can be found if you View site which has health topics and essays, it will give you an example of how important it is to maintain health services in our college system. College health services have a unique role on college campuses. Physical and emotional health and behavioral choices play an increasing role on academic, social and public health issues leading to the need to integrate both clinical and health education/prevention strategies for campus programs and services. Programs and services need to address student’s realization and maintenance of complex issues of optimal physical, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental and spiritual health. Medical and counseling services along with strong health education and prevention programs are the key elements of our comprehensive scope of health services. SHSWP addresses the many critical health issues facing today’s college student that include alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse, eating disorders, sexual health issues, stress management, health advocacy and a myriad of other health issues.


  • Quality – high level of factual value in our products comes from the abundance of medical information in our database and continually extending the scope of knowledge.
  • Innovativeness – we follow the latest trends and invest in modern innovative technological solutions.
  • Availability – the wide accessibility of our offer is important to us. As we use both traditional and modern forms of publishing we can provide convenient access to knowledge for anyone, no matter the time or place.
  • Utility – by using different methods we deliver verified medical knowledge ready to be practised by doctors and patients. Moreover, medical events that we organize serve as an opportunity to exchange the experiences within the medical society and enable further education.
  • Relationships – we build long-lasting relationships with our Customers thanks to responsible actions, trust, and mutual respect.

Over a quarter-century of our presence in the market is a guarantee of versatile and diverse experiences, that we eagerly share.

We succeeded thanks to consistent and tight cooperation with the authorities and experts in medicine and acknowledged publishers of scientific papers from all over the world. We deliver comprehensive and bona fide knowledge, useful in daily practice, to the Polish medical society. We are also a reliable partner for pharmaceuticals since we understand their needs and deeply care about the common goal, which is to promote health and well-being.


  • Over 40 professional medical periodicals
  • Large publishing offer – items dedicated for doctors and patients, medical books of both Polish and foreign authors
  • Several hundreds of academic and educational meetings concerning a diversified array of topics from various areas of medicine, with more than 40 000 medical specialists of different specialities
  • Cooperation with several dozen medical organisations, and over 20 medical societies at the moment
  • Consultations with the specialist publishing houses from all over the world which enable to share abreast translations of the many latest foreign publications to the Polish readership
  • A dozen or so of informational services and educational medical societies